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Growing Your Channel Business

Please note that this event took place on September 19, 2017. All information on this website is for the event that has previously taken place and will be updated once new event details have been  confirmed.

A good solution provider is always looking for new ways to bring value to their customers. With financial services being a strong driver of emerging technologies today, the financial sector is a key area for channel partners to target as the market continues to look for new ways to drive valuable outcomes from their technology.

From changes in their own market, new ways to work with, manage and define money, concerns in cyber security, customer service and more, financial firms are among the leaders when it comes to tapping new technologies, like mobility and security.

To help channel partners realize these opportunities, Channelnomics is proud to announce Channelnomics ON. Growing your channel business - a morning briefing aimed at providing VAR, reseller, MSP and SI solution providers with research and channel perspective to help drive revenue opportunities in financial sector.

In conjunction with Samsung, Channelnomics ON will share exclusive research that will help channel partners better understand what the financial services space means for the channel. Samsung will dissect revenue opportunities for the solution providers, and solution providers will dive into exactly what they're seeing in this market. Expect to hear the good and the bad channel partners stand to face and what you need to know about opportunities and strategies you can execute on today and tomorrow.



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