Welcome to the 2017 Channelnomics Conference Cloud

Capitalizing on growing demand for cloud services


Cloud computing has long moved beyond the hype cycle and has proven its value in the enterprise space. Currently, organizations are looking to advance their cloud strategies and find new ways to harness the benefits of cloud technologies. The pursuit of these benefits and the cost-saving opportunities that follow pushes organizations into deploying newer virtualization or cloud service platforms.


This means the market finds itself in the seemingly unique situation where almost the same number of companies is migrating to a different cloud platform today as those that are implementing cloud for the first time. Of course, this trend opens up a myriad of new sales opportunities, but at the same time, as more cloud service providers enter the market, price competition and pressures on margin increase. As a result, channel players need to consider new ways to differentiate themselves and satisfy their customers' needs, without compromising on profitability.


Join us for this one-day event to hear about what lies ahead and what strategies you can use to grow your business, streamline cloud operations and maximize profits. Meet leading industry vendors to find out about the latest technologies and hear directly from your peers, who will share their cloud journeys at this truly independent channel event.



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