Welcome to the 2017 Channelnomics Conference MSP

Becoming a world-class managed services provider


Please note that this event took place on September 21, 2017. All information on this website is for the event that has previously taken place and will be updated once new event details have been confirmed.


The managed services market is becoming more and more competitive. MSPs are under increased pressure to identify new revenue streams, while their customers are stuck with flat IT budgets. As the market is evolving and maturing and more players enter the fray, it is absolutely vital for MSPs to be able to differentiate and choose the right strategy to stay ahead of competitors.


But what makes a world-class MSP? How do you stay ahead in the MSP game? What expectations do customers have for their MSP? How are MSP business models evolving?


We continue this year's Channelnomics Conference series - the only truly independent channel events - with Channelnomics Conference MSP, where we will address these MSP issues and many more. Our solution provider chaired panel debates will also shed light on the challenges MSPs are facing and the future of the U.S. managed services industry. Come and hear real-life case studies from your peers and meet with leading industry vendors to find out about the latest technology and managed services strategies that you can capitalize on and leverage.


Join our conference to:


  • Learn what it takes to become a leader in the MSP area
  • Find out how to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Discuss the biggest challenges MSPs are facing at the moment and how to tackle them
  • Discover how to boost your profits
  • Understand how to build long term relationship with your clients
  • Gain insight into the future of the MSP market and the latest trends



"Excellent speakers, content and venue. One of the best conferences I have attended"

"All presentations were very interesting, I especially liked the openness of the panel members about their own businesses"

"Great to hear from other MSPs"

"This was a very good event and was a good use of my time"

"Great one day focused event"

"This conference was very informative"

"Valuable information"

"Great event, well worth my time!"

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"A big success and great work"